How to Manage Money as a Teen

Money issues are hard for everyone at some point. So here are some basic ways to keep more money in your pocket.

Tip 1: NO CARD

Take money, not card. It’s been shown people that go to MacDonald spend on average £4:50 with cash, Using a card they are more likely to spend £7.


Why is this?  It’s pretty simple really, If you don’t have the cash you cannot get it. Once you give yourself the change to use card you fall into the Consumers Trap


Tip 2: SAVE

Save a percentage. Once you have your money in your account, take out a percentage that you think you could “survive” without.


You will thank yourself in the long run. Just make sure you hide it and forget about it until you put more in.


When we have money we love thinking about all the possibility on how we can spend it. So THINK FIRST, do you really need them new shoes or video game? Give it a day to think to avoid buying on impulse.allowance-clip-art-7.jpg


Tip 4: PLAN

Try to give you self a plan of spending. If you know you want to go on holiday, make sure that the holiday will be the first priority over a takeout.why-create-a-budget-7fd32ae272420ca85173a8a97eb558b5.png


If you want money for friends plus holiday make sure you start budgeting.


Seems stupid but if you want to spend money on takeout instead of a holiday it’s down to you.  Advice is only the first step but if you don’t want to save it’s fine. GO WILD 

download (1).jpg


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