Achieving our goals and dreams isn’t meant to be easy if so everyone would do it. That being the case one of the lead causes for people not achieving what they want in life is procrastination.

What is procrastination?

Procrastination is a cause of your brain trying to delay anything that seems to cause any sign of unconformable. For example: You have a warm bed but have to get up to shower, The unconformable part of this is that you need to get up. So your brain will find different ways to delay to process like looking at your phone for example.

The reality of Procrastination:

You have a goal/dream you want to achieve but you seen  to procrastinate on the basic tasks. Well you are a loser! plain and simple, you would rather lay in bed watching films than work your ass off everyday. That’s the difference between you and them, they have the perfect job and they are willing to fight blood,sweat and tears to keep it. When you just want to have it handed to you. YOU WILL FAIL!!

Dealing with it:

Everybody, even I suffer from procrastination on a daily basis. Then why do they not fail? they know how to over it. Similar to how you force yourself got to work/school you have no choice. With your dreams you have a choice, either commit to them 100% or let them fade. Ask yourself are you a failure? Then why are you Procrastinating right now. 

Key tips to surpassing procrastination:

1. GET UP & GO:

You need to realize you are in control of your future if you want it. force your self to do it don’t like your mind overcome you.

2. Work out:

This is a great practice to train your body and mind to overcome Procrastination. I hate working out but the feeling of pushing your mind past the comfortable zone is the best kind to feeling.

3. Think of the consequences:

Think to yourself ” will this help me in the future” force yourself to believe if you don’t get up now you will fail.

4. Relaxing or Procrastinating:

Relaxing is the best time of anyone day but what’s the difference? Well Relaxing is when your body starts to calm down and starts storing energy. Procrastinating is where your mind tries to delay and tasks and tries to lock down any source of energy. … So next time you finish work and have stuff to do remember its much harder to relax first then to just complete all tasks first.

5. Everyone is different:

Me personally I can spot me procrastinating and I change what by doing these step. You could have much more of a higher procrastination levels, if so I will make a basic guide to overcome these steps.

Remember procrastination is only a negative factor to certain people. Everybody is different so understand that you might have a high work rate but doesn’t mean they have to. 

For my examples and tips, Check out the Full video Bellow;


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