5 Ways to Change Yourself This Summer

Summer is here! Are you Proud of what you have done this summer?

Summer Life style

So you’re bored or realised” Have I changed for the better this summer?” .

Here are 5 great ways to have more stories to tell at school



STEP 1: Travel somewhere new:

Traveling has so many benefits but it doesn’t even need to be a holiday. Visit a new park or find a new pond. You have a choice to have a new adventure every day for FREE!!


Travel and Explore

The Benefit of Walking or Traveling is Thinking…. Having nothing on your mind except walking gives your brain the energy to come up with great ideas. The same effect happens when you take a shower.

Step 2: Find a New Hobby :

The perfect time to try you things is now when you are thinking about it. Finding a new hobby may seen difficult, the best way to start is to look at your interests and JUST DO IT .

Taking up a new hobb3y.jpgTaking up a new hobby1.jpgTaking up a new hobby

Step 3: Read or study:

Learning can never be a waste of time. Each and everyday learning something new could possibly help you down the line.

If you like the idea of getting smarter but don’t like to read looking into YouTube videos or blogs.


Step 4  Get Creative:


Let your inner kid come out and start being creative. The can be anything from;

  • Cooking
  • Art
  • Instagram
  • Video

The point is to Start thinking about ways you can improve or learn new skills. Also HIGHLY RECOMMEND using social media to document it all.

Step 5 Change up your style:

You have been dressing the same for ages!

Why don’t you try something new?46-life-changing-style-tips-every-woman-should-kn-2-22163-1421528817-3_dblbig.jpg

Changing up your style can be a big deal. So start SMALL and see if you like it. The point is to try out new things and you never know you might like it..




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