It Takes a Simple Hi

Why is it Social Unexceptionable to speak to a stranger?

As a society we are lead to believe that speaking to strangers is wrong. Why is that? Is it because of technology?

I Strongly believe that it’s to do with how people are now brought up.  Generation to generation to are becoming less and less social will stranger.




Every person is a stranger until you meet them!! 


With the power of social media and the internet we are using the platforms are our only forms of communication. Social media is meant to used as “ONE” way to CONNECT,NOT THE ONLY WAY.


Studies show that Social media and technology is causing more and more people to suffer from Social anxiety.   The reason for this is that it’s much easier to now Bully or “Troll” people. This can make people feel insecure and can lead to life ending consequences.



how can we make a difference in our lives?

  • Start with a Simple Smile – Doesn’t matter who just smile. They will either ignore you or smile back.
  • Say Good Morning or Hello – This very basic small talk could lead to convocations or even friendships
  • Compliment them – A stranger giving some a compliment is one of the biggest convocation starters you could ask for. We love looking our best so when someone random points it out its a great confidence boost.




5 thoughts on “It Takes a Simple Hi

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