Getting bad grades suck! You put all that time and effort into a course and you fail. You feel bad and think you life is over!


This is not the case with some help you can be positive toward the future once again.

  1. Everything has a purpose


Results are a Representation for our efforts. If we looked at a body builder we know it takes a lot of hard work to look like that.


Your mind is the same! The reality is that you failed because you didn’t “Work and bad as you want to breath.

2.Failure is required to achieve success

This is great new! You failed so now look back and figure out why?


Everyone whoever has made it has failed. It’s important to develop yourself from failure to find success.



We don’t like to admit that we did bad. In fact if  you know the reason you did bad you can help and show by example and not make the same mistakes.

4.Don’t wait for motivation GET S**T DONE


Feeling upset and unmotivated because you failed. How will you moping get you were you want to be. The time is now!


5.Own it

The next step is important. You either find a solution and OWN LIFE  or Regret it. 



This may have seemed hard or harsh but you are here now. I ask you?

Who has the power to become Anything?


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