Being yourself in School

Guys school is one of them things that you either love or hate.But let me tell you that whatever you do in high school

  • It’s only for 5-7 years of your life. 
  • That means you have 5 days a week for 6 hours
  • That’s 7,520 hours of school
  • Go with a average age of 60 that’s 525,600 hours

So does school define you as a person?Don't judge people


This generation is fueled with social media.Which means stuff spreads even faster than it used to.

So whatever yourself is. Let’s find a way to become more open.  

Before we address any tips go at your own pace. Bullying is and will always be a thing. If you are worried or scared of any of that make sure your parents, teachers or just friends know.


So  guys you want to be yourself but maybe are too shy here is some cool ways to express yourself.

  • Post on social media – maybe you make videos or a master at finding memes having a connection with people outside of school will make it a lot easier to become friends
  • Find a club – There are clubs for everything. If you have a interest the likelihood of another student sharing it is high.
  • Politely join in on convocations.
  • Start by smiling to people. They they may come to you.




remember the only way for you to become more social and conformable in yourself you need to OPEN UP to you. If you are not even acting normal around yourself how are you able to do it to others.

Fitting in has always been  a factor to school so just remember 1 best friend beats 20 ok friends.  


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