Setting Goals Day1

Writing a diary entry everyday to document how I feel as someone who has Goals but not seeing results.

If you read this I am Jack, 20 years old with the passion to help others my age. Well I see that now.


At first, I write ideas down and makes posts and videos to help people. Yet know one saw. I then tried spam to promote my videos and posts. Completely having the wrong mindset. I looked at using social media and Youtube as the dream with the content helping people. In reality I just wanted liked the idea of making money from home. But in the past few days I have seen something different.


So I looked into ways to promote. In doing so I forgot the main purpose of  what I wanted to become. In my head to help people I needed to reach the numbers, that isn’t the case. I started shutting my mouth and reading peoples stories. They were incredible, me leaving a single comment after reading is the difference between some people being happy or sad. So I now listen and help! I am not expert in dealing with peoples problems but I am here to help.


I love motivating people and helping people see their dreams to finish. Yeah fame and helping by the masses is great but helping people smile is my true goal.

Thanks for listening I’ll do the same.



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