Why was I shy? Day2

Good Morning,

I am considered a outgoing person to my friends, yet I was not always like this. I used to have one or two friends I would be normal around then change how I acted with different people. You could say I could fit in basically anywhere but that was it. FIT IN


For me fitting in was “just the guy we knew” I was acknowledged which is more than some people, yet I didn’t make a impact. Parties and trips would be made without me, just because their other friends would come first. So I decided to change.


At the age of 16 I was studying business men and entrepreneurs and learn about the social circles. “You become the people you hang around with”, meaning your mates go out clubbing all the time that will have a effect on you. I didn’t want that, I love go getters, people who decide to work instead of party then they get to were they want to be. So I decided to cut ties and start being independent.


This was so important to me, this helped me become social because I would talk to people just to pass the time. NO Social groups NO Peer pressure, Just me being myself while everyone watched. Turns out I don’t fit in anymore and that suits me. I have loads of friends and connections because of being MYSELF


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