The Power of Starting – Day3

Good morning,

The power of starting is such a important part of us progressing and evolving as humans. With the powers of starting, anything can become possible.


Having the mindset to go and try new things is great but not easy. The fear of failure or not having enough time will always shadow your interests to try something. Most people ask me, “Why do you always wake up at 6am?” This is unusual for people my age. The reason is, THEIR IS NO SUCH THING AS NOT ENOUGH TIME!!


My alarm goes off, I feel tired and want to stay in bed. The reason I force myself up isn’t to go to work, it’s to keep pursuing my passions. At the moment I create Youtube video,blog posts,Facebook Talks and I can get most of this done by 10am. “Time is a wonderful thing you can achieve so much in the same time someone achieve so little.”


Starting something new Is a Joy and a gift we have as humans. Don’t let your mind or others around you stop you from being who you want to be. Go for it!! Their is Time!!.


Everyone have a great day,




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