How to do your DREAM job and get paid Day5

Good morning,

This message is really simple and easy to understand. The harder you work the more the result will show.

When I say “Dream job and getting paid” what do you think? Getting paid for doing the dream job right? Most people would love that to happen yet why doesn’t it?


Guys lets think outside the box! to get paid for your dream job you first need to start and practice. Most of the time you can do that for Free. YES I KNOW then you are not getting paid. If you wanted to become an actor it could take 1 week or 10 years, do you  want to be jobless for 10 years? NO


Good things come to those who….. Bust their ass!! Work a full or part-time job,make a living. Then when the normal person would relax and go to sleep,  go for every acting role you can see. Then You HAVE MADE IT ALREADY.


Don’t put all your eggs into one basket! Just ask yourself if your dream job would never give you money would you still do it? Then DO IT


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