How to Make Friends in School

Making friends is a huge part of your life in school it makes the years you spend their easier. What do we do when we don’t have any friends yet?

Firstly this will differ on the person you are. If you are outgoing it you will find it different to people with anxiety.

Step 1: Look at the people on your table.

If you have just sat a your new table for the year start with them. Look at their mannerisms and how they act to judge if you want to become friends with them.McKenzie_class1

Step 2: Just try to talk.

Its going to be hard for some of you. That doesn’t mean you do not do it. If you find someone you think looks nice, start up a conversations with them. Ask them what they did in the summer? Great when to get the conversations flowing.images.jpg

Step 3: Ask to hang out:

If you see people playing a game, for example ” It/Tag” ask to join. They will either say Yes or no. This is important if you don’t ask, you will never know and could have missed out. In the worst case they say yes but you are up.

Step 4:  Join a Club:

Finding people with the same interests as you will make it very easy to make new friends. This  can also be related outside of clubs. You hear people talking about gaming, Politely join in. Finding interests keeps the flow of conversation moving.


Step 5: Prepare to be unconformable.

Its going to be hard to make that step to talk to new people. Everyone has had to do it. Just go for it and start talk and be yourself. If the person sticks around then great! If not try again and again. Everyone needs a friends but if you hide in the shadows how will people know.





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