The Preparation Day7

I am about to finish the 21 day habit challenge. Basically means I have trained myself to wake up at 6am with loads of energy to do stuff. Now that is coming to the end I want to be able to make my next step. DAILY VLOG.


I am ok talking to a camera but walking by myself in a crowed place talking will be weird. The idea of everyday needs to look amazing is incredible and love the idea. The hardest part for me is making the videos consistent.


I am making a vlog now to practice, then In a few weeks I will start just because I will not be able to edit anything. I will make sure to film everything for a vlog.


You need to start to get better so I am starting now. It’s going to be hard to bounce around vlogging,work and the fact I just sit around indoors all day but I will make it work.



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