Inspiring Others – Day7

Today I had the chance to help someone out.  I have so much drive and passion on him making a huge difference in his life. This person has a great personality and an great background in graphic design.  Yet was stuck in a job that only paid the bills.


He was watching my progress though Youtube and social media helping  other with issues. He saw how I went from someone with a lazy mindset to someone who can wake up a 6am to vlog everyday. This inspired him.


He now has taken up the 21 day challenge and now starting to make money again from graphic design. He had the ability to do this and I take no credit for his efforts. Yet its amazing how the actions of others and inspire you.


People always want to become better. Yet you are missing the bigger picture. You improving yourself will not leave a mark on the world. To become the best you. First help people find the best them.


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