Scared of our Prey – Day9

Good morning all,

Isn’t it funny how we are scared of small creatures. I was berry picking for my gran and  always felt on edge because of spider webs. WHAT!!

Image result for spiders

I do not suffer from any phobia so just found it so funny. The top of the food chain, Man can be shocked by the spider.

Where is the caveman sense gone? 

We used to hunt down animals and embrace the elements daily.  So why do we now hide or run from things less Superior to us. I may sound like a Dictator right now (I’m not) just was really curious why.

Image result for cave men

We seem to go through a cycle of fear factors. As a child you are fearless then as you get older you start to become more safe from danger. Then as you become older the small things don’t seem to bother you as much anymore.

Like I can watch a horror movie with my gran, I will be hiding behind a pillow as she just finds it boring and falls asleep. Crazy





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