Fake Disorders!! – Day10

Good morning all,

Today I vlogged about “Fake Disorders”, meaning people what like to think they have anxiety or dyslexia because its “cool”.


Being shy doesn’t mean you have anxiety. Being bad at spelling or reading doesn’t not automatically mean you have dyslexia. If you had either one you would know about it.


Many forms the most common one is “social anxiety” the fear that you will get judged by everyone. This can get to the point of not even being able to see you parents because you are worried they are talking about you in nasty ways. not fun!  


Commonly found that dyslexia patients think differently. A simple task like cleaning the dishes can be made into a extreme challenge. We see it as hot water first then plates. They might see it as all plate in first then fill it up. Bad analogy!

The point I am trying to make is that it’s a condition not a trend. I have helped many people with issues like theses and it’s not easy to live with.






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