How to get a Job as a Teen

Getting a job as a teen can be hard yet it isn’t impossible, having a extra £10-£30 for a teenager is a big deal. YET HOW DO I GET A JOB!!

Step 1: Start by asking family:

Asking your parents that you are willing to work for some money will mean that they will be willing to help you. They may even give you a job to do for a little bit of money.


Step 2 : Look for small part-time work:

This could be having a paper round, Washing cars or even helping people with shopping. You want to look for a job that will only take up a few hours of work a day.

Step 3: Communication:

From experience I have never found it hard to find a job. It has always come down to talking to people. A CV shows you on a single piece of paper. That’s impossible for someone to know me by that! So I go and talk to people and ask them directly if they have work.


Step 4: Keep applying:

Most of the time you will be rejected. This doesn’t matter the more you apply for the more chance you will have to get a job. Just don’t be worried if they say no.

Step 5: Start Earning

Working a few hours is great! it may seem boring  you will have much more money.





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