Being the Black Sheep

Being the Black sheep/ Lone wolf may sound like you but is it?

Since I was very little I have always thought differently to the majority of people.

Me: “Why don’t you always wake up at 6am. It means you have more hours to do stuff!!”

Others: I like to not feel tired all day. Sleep feels good.

That’s a basic example. Yet we are all different yet think the same. So for me, I judge everything I do.

  • Eating
  • Playing games
  • Reading
  • being shy

All of these generate emotions and why does my mind feel like that. This is a daily thing for me. I am always analyzing stuff and take everything in.  Yet instead of pointing it out I just try to blend in.

I AM NOT A BLACK SHEEP BY ALL MEANS. Saying you are is in result meaning you are not. We all want to stand out yet the people that don’t try end up doing it.

Do you guys understand?

We could go on all day about the how the black sheep is counted as a outcast.

Just think the “LONE WOLF” and “The BLACK SHEEP” Both animals live in packs meaning they would also be outcasts.

In our society to stand out is very different to the Lone Wolf.

  • Einstein
  • Beethoven
  • Queen Victoria

Were all Outcasts of society that had made history. They were not liked or loved at all.

The silver lining is making making a impact where society can feel conformable adapting to.

This topic interests me, what do you guys think?.


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