Passion,Practice and Presence

Book Of the Week is “Talk Like Ted” by Carmine Callo

This book is great for anyone who is looking into public speaking. Its a good starting point for me.61MVvFfrSLL.jpg

With Everything I am Passionate about its stems from the idea that you can be anyone you want to be with effort. So the idea of the three Ps by Amanda Palmer. This is the “Key” to finding happiness in a career you want.


Passion will be the key to staying on track. If you don’t have a passion for something it will make it a lot harder. When you think of doing hard work, its much more fulfilling to know you are working for a passion.


Without practice you will never get better.


The key to practice is to start and finish something to completion that’s the only way to learn and get better. If you know you can do better, finish then analyze how to do better then restart.


Once the first two have been done you will have a presence of your goals. It may not be what you want but as you keep repeating the steps your presence will evolve.


This method is  simplistic which makes it effective. If you want to try out something new, look into this method and try to add it to your life.


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