Fake it! Till you make it!

Amy cuddy Said “Fake it, till you make it”



What does this mean?

Amy mentioned body posture and using gestures in convocation. The art of Faking your body language to seem more confident in the way you talk fascinates me.

Body posture and appearance can identify you as who ever you want.

Wearing formal attire and keeping a strong tall posture can give people the impression that you are a status of importance.proud-businessman-in-his-office_1098-65.jpg


The point of this is that if you fake it enough eventually people will start to see it. If you are interested in changing some features about you. here are some;

  • Be more articulate with words
  • Always dress to impress
  • Use strong open gesture (avoid hands in pockets)
  • Be the early bird and be the last to leave

These simple tips can have the power to improve your life dramatically. If you want to become a better you. You need to start acting like it.


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