Decide Money or Passion

Today I have two interviews one that will give me money and they other will set me on the right path for helping others.


The Backlash of this is that I am worried I will not be able to do both. Your word is everything so breaking that trust will make is hard to rebuild.

So you might be like, what is the big deal? Well for me I would do anything to pursue the dream job. So I am working for free until I get a chance. Yet I need money for my mum and rent.


I know they will clash at times and my priority is the free one. This from a employer perspective isn’t great! Why pick me when someone else is more committed to the job.

I am going to have to lay it all out on the table and plan the best strategy for action. I will Keep you informed.

First time in formal attire haha I worked in a gym so go easy 😀




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