Good Things come to those that … Do!!!

I have noticed, that when I decide to do something when I really don’t want to it ends up being really important to my success.


This Art piece is exactly what you should expect from ” Good things come to those who wait” .It may seem silly to think yet why is 80% of people in the US are unhappy with work. We all understand the meaning of this saying yet why do we not act upon it.

Good things come to those that do!

If you have ever been in a work environment or situation that evolves progress yet you work hard and someone else gets picked why is that? But you waited and worked hard right… It’s not fair.

The reality is that work environments don’t want progression fast the want commitment. So how does the person that joins later get the role and you don’t. They do everything! 

Being the Doer is not finishing work and going home. The doer finishes,then works his way up whether its through communication or additional tasks, the doer keeps striving towards the diamonds and never stop


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