6 habits that successful people have.

1. Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Avoiding distractions is the key to success. multitasking is never effective, it’s always better to finish one task before starting another.

2. Learn How to Say No

Learning to say no is just as important as saying yes. You need to be able to avoid temptation.  When you have work that need to be completed, you need to say no to any distractions including: Parties,Gaming or any gathering.

3. Keep a Daily Plan of Attack

Successful people like to plan. planning the night before will give you a plan of action the second you wake up. Successful people make sure all their time is not wasted.

4. Welcome Criticism

Successful people accept criticism. They always want to find ways to improve,listening to feedback is important. You may not like the feedback, yet everything is appreciated.

5. Trust Your Instincts

Successful people follow their instincts. On a daily basis they may need to make decisions so following what they believe is important.

6. Take Risks

Following your gut feeling may sometimes not be correct but if you never take the risk you will never know. Successful people always take risks and try not to dwell on the result.


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