How to know you are ready for SEX!

Lets Talk SEX

If you are a teenager or young adult sex is a popular topic. Whether you are a boy or girl your body may or may not desire Sex.

If you are a Virgin how would you know the right time?

Whatever gender the key best advise I can give is that, do you love them? I see it as if you end up breaking up would you regret it. If you think you would, give it some more time to think.

.kissing couple_2

Do not do it through instant compulsions:

Say you are making out, It starts to get heated and one of you are wanting to take it to the next level. In your emotional state you are “horny” just make sure you think before you act.

Whether you look into relationship gurus  and further advise. It is a special moment and if you feel it’s the right time and you love each other, you have already made your mind up.

If you need further help – Email:


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