How Anyone Can Become Rich!

Having money is what makes the world function but what can we do to all become a  little wealthier.

My mentor gave me two pieces of advise:

1: There is no such thing as easy money:

Working to become financially free is every persons goal. Yet what If I said you can do it if you work extremely hard. The reality is if you don’t work hard you will be in the majority of people.

Best way to explain it, money is like your body, to change your body you need to change your whole life style.  You don’t just work out. You diet,eat supplements and train your body to become fitter. The same goes for money.

A normal body is the 9-5 Job so to become better you need to start to act better.

9am to 5pm = 8 hours /  24 – 8 = 16  Gives you 16 hours of the day left . Take away sleep of maximum 8 hours / 16 – 8 = 8 / So by the end of the day you have 8 hours left.

2: Do not put all your eggs in one basket:

So having the extra 8 hours of the day then next step is to have a second income.

working a additional job may be tiring for the majority but for you it will basically double your income.  For example :

Main Job – 9am to 5pm / Monday to Friday  / £7.50 = £300 PW £1200PM – Yearly £15,600 

So if you worked a part time Job early in the morning eg: cleaner

Part-time – 5am-8am /  Monday to Friday / £7:70 = £115.50PW  £462PM – Yearly £5,544

So waking up a little earlier during the week gives you a additional of £5k. The point of the example is to prove that thinking outside of the box can make you can make you additionally wealthy.

This is a basic example that anyone could relate to. If you are an entrepreneur the main job is your source of income and your part time is building your own brand.



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