Ten Signs of dealing with a F**K Boy

If you respond, chances are he’ll ask you to come over to cuddle and watch a film.

dean (1).jpg

2. His idea of a “date” is Netflix and Chill

Home much they convince you laddies, Take away and movies is a night in Not a date


3. He comments on your Instagram with rocket, fire, 100 and tongue emojis


4. He slips into your Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook DMs

Always was the first to message and last to leave …. till you become a couple.


5. He says “all my exes are crazy”

Well there is a reason why they are all his exes.


6. He asks for pics

Laddies, you decide not him. He will convince you otherwise.

 10 things i hate about you GIF
7. He’s “for the boys” especially on Saturdays

Weekends are “for the boys” if you come second place all the time … Leave


8. He probably plays Football or has taken a shirtless mirror gym selfie

If he shows you every time he has worked out. He clearly loves himself a little to much.


9. Will Always try to make you feel jealous.

Talking to other girls and hanging out with them… Ops forgot to message you he was to busy.


10. He insists he’s not a player and gets incredibly moody if you say he is.

images (2).jpg

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