Leaving My new Job after 1 day.

I was looking to start a new job. To find that I had a huge flaw without even knowing it.

I am  introverted and quite yet I have always been OK at talking without being showing I am nervous. The downside to this is that my adrenaline levels sky rocket and my hands begin to shake. The way I get round this is by using constant hand gestures.

Anyway I entered a hotel service (4.5 stars) as a waiter to find out it was hell for me.

My trial shift went OK yet I noticed my hands started to shake as I gave food out and took plates back to the kitchen. They taught me all the professional tips yet my hands were not capable. So I left feeling OK ” It could be nerves, I am sure I can overcome it”.

  • 3 days before my shift … I started to feel anxious with the feeling of being sick for the whole day.
  • 2 days before … My body shut down. I began to feel cold like I was coming down with the flu. Spent the entire night waking up from dreams of me at work, I would have thoughts of me planning out the day without me even thinking at all. I felt like I was listening to me think.
  • 1 day before … I went to the doctors and told be basically everything I new and found online and just said gave me some advise to deal with anxiety.

The Big day.

I felt rather confident and happy to start. Everyone is awesome and are happy to show me around which was great. I worked helping out a wedding for the night. So I started with the drinks, pouring glasses and cleaning around. I was OK anything with one had  I wasn’t great. Then the meals were in. Props to the waiters around me carrying 3 to 4 plates at a time, me on the other hand still spilling stuff with only two. From then on It was like being trapped in hell. The thought that every step I make could spill or break something, it terrified me. In the span of me cleaning one table someone else would have done four. Then to top it all off I spilt food on someones dress and all the empty glasses on my trey fell off. SO I HAD TO LEAVE.

There is a difference between a job you don’t like and a job you physically cannot do. Everything else was easy just the simple step of taking plates and glasses away was not so simple for me.

If you can relate of have any stories you would like to share be sure to leave a comment or Email me: Ojaysjack@gmail.com


One thought on “Leaving My new Job after 1 day.

  1. Introverts get their power and motivation from within and are not dependant on the mood or abilities of others.
    This makes introverts more able to work independently than extroverted people who need others to spark off.
    Quietness isn’t a failing it’s a strength, when you do speak people around you listen as your thoughts are normally more profound. When you’re not speaking others know you’re thinking, which is another strength of an introvert.

    Good luck in your continued search Jack, you find your ideal job soon.
    Another introvert

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