How to Survive Living Alone

Leaving the parents is a huge step to becoming fully independent. What can you do from the beginning to be able to make sure you live happy and safely.

1. Document Money Traffic.

Being sure that you look after how your money is used is important to always being on time on bills. Make sure you;



  • Write monthly earnings
  • Take all bills away from earning
  • Give estimate for food and drink
  • Money for the car/bike
  • Free Spending money

Go through this list and if you can make it to the bottom GREAT.  If not you need to do some thinking on ways improve you earnings.

2. Eat Properly.

Having Takeaways  might be quick and easy but in moderation. They are unhealthy and they can cost over double your who days food wage.  Make sure you cook some clean means from time to time. Easy meals can be:

  • Pancakes
  • Pasta with Fresh Tomato Sauce
  •  Fried Rice
  • Roasted Salmon
  • Ramen

All these are Super easy to make and very inexpensive. If you are wanting a guide of amazing easy dishes get : “COOK BOOK FOR TEENS”


3. Clean and keep it clean.

Having a clean home has proven to increase happiness and productivity.  Coming back from a intense day at work to find a clutter of a room will leave you even more stressed. Waking up early to clean your house is a good way to start the day.giphy (1).gif

Apart from that you are now home alone so Chill and have fun you have made it.


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