How to deal with Tilting!!

Being tilted in games/sports is annoying for you and others. Not only you will preform less you will also start to great stress for you and your team. I remember times when I wanted to through my mouse at my screen for being the carry yet still people tilt because we didn’t follow their demand.

How to overcome this:

 Listen to Music:

Music is a great way to calm down. depending on your music choice you will generate a more positive emotion to the game than anger.



Take a  Drink:

Instead of having the burst of rage just take a sip of your drink and carry on.


Take a few minutes away:

Having a break will help you cool off. When ever it was, just getting some fresh air will help you think clearly for the later games.


Play a new game/sport:

Taking a step away can lead to you being better at the sport. This can open your mind to new possibility’s .


Overview your own work:

It is always great to watch through your games to see what you could improve on. This is the key to improving.

tenor (1).gif


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