Top 5 Meditation Gadgets

Meditation is a practice that can improve your life dramatically. Here so some of my picks for the best items to have while meditating.


A Pillow:

To feel completely free you need to be able to feel conformable. Having a firm pillow to sit on is key.

If interested:



Nothing worse than hearing distracting noises in your moments of peace and quiet.  Any pare of headphones will do fine.31rm5zsAMAL.jpg

Mediation Guide/ CD

Listening to someone giving you breathing instructions is important for anyone who is not experience in meditation. I Recommend looking up YouTube videos on how to Meditate. If you are interested for a DVD Check out…



As you meditate the headband is tracking the brain. Using the Headband with the App, it allows you to look into how your body is really feeling.  -



Indoor waterfall:

It’s the most practical gadget on this list but if you ever wanted to drift away into meditation with would be my go to. –




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