Overcoming S**t Situations

Dealing with hard issues SUCK! Whether you are missing a loved one or losing a Job here is a few ways to deal with it.

Time to Reflect:

Note I said deal with it. It will take time to overcome these emotions you  might be feeling. The first step is to find happy thoughts and calm down. Once you have done this start to reflect on what you are feeling.  E.g A loss of a family member, why are you sad?



Find a new outlet:

Now it will take time for the emotions to surpass. It could take months to recover from a break up so find a new outlet. What is it you have always wanted to try? Having a distraction will help you to stop thinking of the negative thoughts all the time.

download (1)


We all need someone to talk to. Doesn’t matter if you are the strong backbone of the family, you need to have someone to turn to. Speaking about your issues will help you to slowing deal with them.


Smile at the pass and look forward to the future:

Once the few months have passed you will find that you feel a lot better. You know longer see a passing as no loner here yet you cherish the memory’s you have. Once you have dealt with the issues you can over anything.

Summer Life style




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