The Unmotivated Days

Motivation is a great tool for you to start a task or the keep positive. That being said, do you have those days when you are just not motivated. What ever Tony Robins says you just don’t care and feel a little down.


Wet your face with warm water then switch to cold quickly. What this does is makes sure that your body is feeling awake for the next step.


Go outside for 3 Minutes!

Keep moving and get some fresh air. So many times I have felt better after going outside for a bit of air.


Drink a Full glass of water.

Your body needs water if you are feeling weak or sluggish this is a common issue.


What Needs to be Done?

Now you are moving there is no time for stopping pick a task and go and complete it.

download (2).jpg

Take a (SHORT!!) Break!

To Stop us from getting into this rut again we need to make sure we are resting as well as completing tasks.



Now next task! then Break till you have finished everything you needed to do.


Once finished you will notice that whatever your mood at start was you will have overcome that and finished all the tasks for the day GOOD JOB !!


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