What Drives You?

We all have goals and motives that make us push to be better. What would you say yours is? 


Everyone is different, live life day to day or plan ahead neither way is better to achieving what you want. But why do you want it?

We all have a drive or want to find it. what would you do if you have achieved this?

These three questions can tell us so much about who we are as a person. Your first thoughts would be your unconscious desires, the thoughts you really want yet maybe might be what you think you need. For example your drive firstly might be to travel the world yet once your mind starts to think about it you sway to maybe working up the job ladder.


Ask yourself these Questions;

  1. What drives you to do what you do?

  2. Why do you do it?

  3. What happens when you have achieved it?

Simply having someone else ask you what you are doing with your life can help you start to have a deeper insight to how you really feel.


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