What Drives You?

We all have goals and motives that make us push to be better. What would you say yours is?  Everyone is different, live life day to day or plan ahead neither way is better to achieving what you want. But why do you want it? We all have a drive or want to find it. what … Continue reading What Drives You?


The Unmotivated Days

Motivation is a great tool for you to start a task or the keep positive. That being said, do you have those days when you are just not motivated. What ever Tony Robins says you just don't care and feel a little down. First! Wet your face with warm water then switch to cold quickly. … Continue reading The Unmotivated Days

Overcoming S**t Situations

Dealing with hard issues SUCK! Whether you are missing a loved one or losing a Job here is a few ways to deal with it. Time to Reflect: Note I said deal with it. It will take time to overcome these emotions you  might be feeling. The first step is to find happy thoughts and … Continue reading Overcoming S**t Situations

Top 5 Meditation Gadgets

Meditation is a practice that can improve your life dramatically. Here so some of my picks for the best items to have while meditating.   A Pillow: To feel completely free you need to be able to feel conformable. Having a firm pillow to sit on is key. If interested:  http://amzn.to/2hLdPoG Earphones: Nothing worse than hearing … Continue reading Top 5 Meditation Gadgets

Love to all those in Vegas

From the shocking news recently on the 02/10/2017 over 50 people were shoot and killed by a  assault rifle from a single man from a balcony in Las Vegas. Police have named the suspect as Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old local man. They believe he shot and killed himself on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay … Continue reading Love to all those in Vegas

How to deal with Tilting!!

Being tilted in games/sports is annoying for you and others. Not only you will preform less you will also start to great stress for you and your team. I remember times when I wanted to through my mouse at my screen for being the carry yet still people tilt because we didn't follow their demand. … Continue reading How to deal with Tilting!!