How to Survive Living Alone

Leaving the parents is a huge step to becoming fully independent. What can you do from the beginning to be able to make sure you live happy and safely. 1. Document Money Traffic. Being sure that you look after how your money is used is important to always being on time on bills. Make sure … Continue reading How to Survive Living Alone


Ten Signs of dealing with a F**K Boy

If you respond, chances are he’ll ask you to come over to cuddle and watch a film. 2. His idea of a “date” is Netflix and Chill Home much they convince you laddies, Take away and movies is a night in Not a date 3. He comments on your Instagram with rocket, fire, 100 and … Continue reading Ten Signs of dealing with a F**K Boy

How Anyone Can Become Rich!

Having money is what makes the world function but what can we do to all become a  little wealthier. My mentor gave me two pieces of advise: 1: There is no such thing as easy money: Working to become financially free is every persons goal. Yet what If I said you can do it if you work … Continue reading How Anyone Can Become Rich!

How to get a Job as a Teen

Getting a job as a teen can be hard yet it isn't impossible, having a extra £10-£30 for a teenager is a big deal. YET HOW DO I GET A JOB!! Step 1: Start by asking family: Asking your parents that you are willing to work for some money will mean that they will be willing … Continue reading How to get a Job as a Teen

Fake Disorders!! – Day10

Good morning all, Today I vlogged about "Fake Disorders", meaning people what like to think they have anxiety or dyslexia because its "cool". Why? Being shy doesn't mean you have anxiety. Being bad at spelling or reading doesn't not automatically mean you have dyslexia. If you had either one you would know about it. Anxiety: Many … Continue reading Fake Disorders!! – Day10

How to Make Friends in School

Making friends is a huge part of your life in school it makes the years you spend their easier. What do we do when we don't have any friends yet? Firstly this will differ on the person you are. If you are outgoing it you will find it different to people with anxiety. Step 1: … Continue reading How to Make Friends in School

Being yourself in School

Guys school is one of them things that you either love or hate.But let me tell you that whatever you do in high school It’s only for 5-7 years of your life.  That means you have 5 days a week for 6 hours That’s 7,520 hours of school Go with a average age of 60 … Continue reading Being yourself in School