I Miss Photography

So Ironically I am a film maker and photographer without any sign of a camera. Not even my phone is able to take photos. " I live in the stone age of tech". So I got to practice before my wedding shoot tomorrow. It's sad to have such a strong passion for the world yet … Continue reading I Miss Photography


Top 5 Meditation Gadgets

Meditation is a practice that can improve your life dramatically. Here so some of my picks for the best items to have while meditating.   A Pillow: To feel completely free you need to be able to feel conformable. Having a firm pillow to sit on is key. If interested:  http://amzn.to/2hLdPoG Earphones: Nothing worse than hearing … Continue reading Top 5 Meditation Gadgets

Ten Signs of dealing with a F**K Boy

If you respond, chances are he’ll ask you to come over to cuddle and watch a film. 2. His idea of a “date” is Netflix and Chill Home much they convince you laddies, Take away and movies is a night in Not a date 3. He comments on your Instagram with rocket, fire, 100 and … Continue reading Ten Signs of dealing with a F**K Boy

Gut feeling Day4

Good Morning, I have a passion for inspiring people and making videos. I am also Counted as a butterfly, I see something and love it then get so Inspired, recently it was doing gymnastics. Mindset: Going through this, I needed to ask myself is this something important or just a fad. Being someone who has … Continue reading Gut feeling Day4