Rule 32! Enjoy the Little things!!

Good Morning all, From the Great words of zombie land:   For me I am always focused on the big picture. This may seem positive, yet doing so I am constantly forgetting about the present.  Knowing and planning ahead is good, but if all I am doing is planning ahead I will never get there. … Continue reading Rule 32! Enjoy the Little things!!


Influenced or Becoming – Day 12

Being inspired or influenced can be a great thing. Giving you a wider mindset to a topic you might have not known about. This for some people can be a double edged sword. Setting the scene: You are wanting to create a film, and are looking into new ways to use the camera in creative ways. The … Continue reading Influenced or Becoming – Day 12

Fake Disorders!! – Day10

Good morning all, Today I vlogged about "Fake Disorders", meaning people what like to think they have anxiety or dyslexia because its "cool". Why? Being shy doesn't mean you have anxiety. Being bad at spelling or reading doesn't not automatically mean you have dyslexia. If you had either one you would know about it. Anxiety: Many … Continue reading Fake Disorders!! – Day10

Scared of our Prey – Day9

Good morning all, Isn't it funny how we are scared of small creatures. I was berry picking for my gran and  always felt on edge because of spider webs. WHAT!! I do not suffer from any phobia so just found it so funny. The top of the food chain, Man can be shocked by the … Continue reading Scared of our Prey – Day9

Inspiring Others – Day7

Today I had the chance to help someone out.  I have so much drive and passion on him making a huge difference in his life. This person has a great personality and an great background in graphic design.  Yet was stuck in a job that only paid the bills. Mindset: He was watching my progress … Continue reading Inspiring Others – Day7

Setting Goals Day1

Writing a diary entry everyday to document how I feel as someone who has Goals but not seeing results. If you read this I am Jack, 20 years old with the passion to help others my age. Well I see that now. Mindset: At first, I write ideas down and makes posts and videos to … Continue reading Setting Goals Day1