How to Survive Living Alone

Leaving the parents is a huge step to becoming fully independent. What can you do from the beginning to be able to make sure you live happy and safely. 1. Document Money Traffic. Being sure that you look after how your money is used is important to always being on time on bills. Make sure … Continue reading How to Survive Living Alone


Leaving My new Job after 1 day.

I was looking to start a new job. To find that I had a huge flaw without even knowing it. I am  introverted and quite yet I have always been OK at talking without being showing I am nervous. The downside to this is that my adrenaline levels sky rocket and my hands begin to … Continue reading Leaving My new Job after 1 day.

6 habits that successful people have.

1. Keep Your Eye on the Ball Avoiding distractions is the key to success. multitasking is never effective, it's always better to finish one task before starting another. 2. Learn How to Say No Learning to say no is just as important as saying yes. You need to be able to avoid temptation.  When you have work that need to be … Continue reading 6 habits that successful people have.

Good Things come to those that … Do!!!

I have noticed, that when I decide to do something when I really don't want to it ends up being really important to my success. This Art piece is exactly what you should expect from " Good things come to those who wait" .It may seem silly to think yet why is 80% of people … Continue reading Good Things come to those that … Do!!!

Fake it! Till you make it!

Amy cuddy Said "Fake it, till you make it"   What does this mean? Amy mentioned body posture and using gestures in convocation. The art of Faking your body language to seem more confident in the way you talk fascinates me. Body posture and appearance can identify you as who ever you want. Wearing formal … Continue reading Fake it! Till you make it!

Next step

I have been blogging for two months now. The next step for me to make my blog more professional, I believe I have done that. WELCOME To Viewpoint Blogs! I have always loved helping people and have a interested in the potential of humanity. So my passion is to help and inspire you to achieve … Continue reading Next step

3 Steps to Finding the right Job!!

I have been working in the same dead end job for a year now so I have finally decided to make the next step in my future. For some people they may not know when to move on. Here are some steps to help you. 1:  Relate to your GOALS. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? … Continue reading 3 Steps to Finding the right Job!!