What Drives You?

We all have goals and motives that make us push to be better. What would you say yours is?¬† Everyone is different, live life day to day or plan ahead¬†neither way is better to achieving what you want. But why do you want it? We all have a drive or want to find it. what … Continue reading What Drives You?


The Unmotivated Days

Motivation is a great tool for you to start a task or the keep positive. That being said, do you have those days when you are just not motivated. What ever Tony Robins says you just don't care and feel a little down. First! Wet your face with warm water then switch to cold quickly. … Continue reading The Unmotivated Days

Good Things come to those that … Do!!!

I have noticed, that when I decide to do something when I really don't want to it ends up being really important to my success. This Art piece is exactly what you should expect from " Good things come to those who wait" .It may seem silly to think yet why is 80% of people … Continue reading Good Things come to those that … Do!!!

Fake it! Till you make it!

Amy cuddy Said "Fake it, till you make it"   What does this mean? Amy mentioned body posture and using gestures in convocation. The art of Faking your body language to seem more confident in the way you talk fascinates me. Body posture and appearance can identify you as who ever you want. Wearing formal … Continue reading Fake it! Till you make it!

Next step ViewpointBlogs.com

I have been blogging for two months now. The next step for me to make my blog more professional, I believe I have done that. WELCOME To Viewpoint Blogs! I have always loved helping people and have a interested in the potential of humanity. So my passion is to help and inspire you to achieve … Continue reading Next step ViewpointBlogs.com

Passion,Practice and Presence

Book Of the Week is "Talk Like Ted" by Carmine Callo This book is great for anyone who is looking into public speaking. Its a good starting point for me. With Everything I am Passionate about its stems from the idea that you can be anyone you want to be with effort. So the idea … Continue reading Passion,Practice and Presence

Being the Black Sheep

Being the Black sheep/ Lone wolf may sound like you but is it? Since I was very little I have always thought differently to the majority of people. Me: "Why don't you always wake up at 6am. It means you have more hours to do stuff!!" Others: I like to not feel tired all day. … Continue reading Being the Black Sheep