How Anyone Can Become Rich!

Having money is what makes the world function but what can we do to all become a  little wealthier. My mentor gave me two pieces of advise: 1: There is no such thing as easy money: Working to become financially free is every persons goal. Yet what If I said you can do it if you work … Continue reading How Anyone Can Become Rich!


Good Things come to those that … Do!!!

I have noticed, that when I decide to do something when I really don't want to it ends up being really important to my success. This Art piece is exactly what you should expect from " Good things come to those who wait" .It may seem silly to think yet why is 80% of people … Continue reading Good Things come to those that … Do!!!

Decide Money or Passion

Today I have two interviews one that will give me money and they other will set me on the right path for helping others.   The Backlash of this is that I am worried I will not be able to do both. Your word is everything so breaking that trust will make is hard to … Continue reading Decide Money or Passion

3 Steps to Finding the right Job!!

I have been working in the same dead end job for a year now so I have finally decided to make the next step in my future. For some people they may not know when to move on. Here are some steps to help you. 1:  Relate to your GOALS. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? … Continue reading 3 Steps to Finding the right Job!!


Good morning all, If you have or are in freelance you would know that its such a struggle. Constantly trying to find work and worrying about if you will be able to pay the rent. Or you have a hobby which you  which is hard to do with work piling up. I LOVE IT!!! The … Continue reading I LOVE TO WORK!!!